Trevor Schmidt PA-C Reviews Travel to the Philippines

Boracay, Philipines


Trevor Schmidt PA-C reviews travel destination, Philipines, Boracay

I went to the Philippines when I was in college years back.  This was by far the most amazing place I have been.  The water was amazingly clear and you could see down hundreds of feet to the white sand bottom.  Filipino people were very hospitable and generous with their time.  I was amazed at how cheap everything was.  Drinks at clubs were only 50 cents!  And it was discouraged to tip people.  Apparently they were offended that you would take pity on them with a tip.

We went to a number of islands one of which was Boracay, pictured above.  My first impression of the island was when we approached the island by boat and there was another boat to the side of us.  The water was so clear that it appeared that the boat was floating on the horizon.  The first night we were there, I was witness to the most amazing sunset.  I’m a huge fan of sunsets so this was an extraordinary treat.  The sky was full of the entire spectrum of colors from dark blue on one side of the sky to the red, orange and yellows on the opposite side.

The night life on the island was a lot of fun.  We went dancing at multiple clubs along the main strip.  There were people there from around the world so it was an interesting crowd.  It was a little weird for me that there were a lot of transvestite hookers.  Not something I wanted to mess with, but it was interesting seeing them interact with others.

By:  Trevor Schmidt PA-C

Trevor Schmidt Reviews Travel Destination Zion, UT

I am an avid hiker and love the outdoors, so I have visited many of the National Parks of the west coast.  Today I will be discussing my visit to Zion National Park located in Southern Utah.  Zion’s beauty comes from the vast red rock from iron rich sand stone.

The redness of the sand stone actually comes from rusting of the iron that is in the stone.  The park is amazing.  There is a 2 lane road that winds through the valley with incredible cliffs that tower above creating a godly feel.  In fact, this area was initially discovered by Mormon settlers who names a number of the rock structures.

Throughout the park there are various hiking trails of varying length and difficulty.  One of the most popular would be “The Narrows,” which is a slot canyon that was created by the Virgin River.  The Virgin River has carved out this slot canyon over millions of years to create what you see today.  There is not actually a trail at all, hikers wade their way up river to take in the beauty of the steep cliffs above.  The walls in most areas are about 20 feet across and the water is about knee high.  Since the water is mostly coming from melting snow, it tends to be quite cold.

I have hiked up the Narrows for about 2 miles and it is amazing and a must see.  The coolest thing that I enjoyed was that the walls are so steep and the water is a continuous drip down the walls leaving a pretty moss to give a nice green/black contrast to the red rock.


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